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Client Testimonials

“Just like a car needs gas, our business needs money to run. NCR didnt leave us stranded.”

David M. - Pointe-Claire, QC

“Thanks for helping me lift a ton of weight off my shoulders. I'm debt free now, thanks to you NCR."

Paula W. - Gatineau, QC

“All I can say is that I ended up with the cash I needed. I will use you guys again for my next loan!"

Michel S. - Montreal, QC

“Thanks for your skilled assistance, a great rate, and reasonable fees. I expected to pay much more than I did, given the circumstances."

Josianne D. - Terrebonne, QC

Welcome to NCR Financial

Leaders in the industry of loan professionals, this financial establishment was built on our client’s trust.

Much of our clientele will not or can not deal with the banks directly. Whether it is due to bad credit, being self–employed or just because it can sometimes be too stressful dealing with the banks, NCR Financial caters to these clients needs. Established since 2005, NCR Financial has built a reputation for efficient and fast results.

Let us work for you. Let us get you the results you deserve.

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